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Links to last release: Ausono - We just wanna (Future deep house)

North Core Project (HardTrance - Hardstyle)

NCP is a project from Malte and Stefan. We started this project 1999/2000. Here you can find Music from Hardtrance, EDM and Hardstyle

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Moonflight (Hardstyle edit)Links
All for youLinks
Never aloneLinks
Let's goLinks
Beat DownLinks
Classics (Sampler)Links
Best of 10 years (Sampler)Links
You saidLinks
When the sun goes downLinks
The GameLinks
Back againLinks
The AnthemLinks
Hold onLinks
Bass is kickingLinks
Bass addictionLinks
New dayLinks
Best of 20 years (Sampler)Links
Lift me higherLinks
To the onesLinks
Everythin will be okLinks
Back to the darknessLinks

AUSONO (EDM & Chill music)

Ausono is a project from Malte (and sometimes Stefan) We started this project 2015. Music style is EDM to chill music.

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We just wanna (Future deep house)Links
I wanna danceLinks
Drop thatLinks
I wanna moveLinks
Rock this townLinks
The sound of MadnessLinks

HardZeption (Hardstyle)

HardZeption is a project from Malte. Started in 2021. Music style is Hardstyle. More information will follow after first release.
Last song:

Moonflight (Hardstyle)Stream
We go higher (Hardstyle)Stream

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