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About Us

The North Core Project was founded in the year 2000. After uploading our first track (Suntaster) to a Label named Virtual Records, we had our first release on Vinyl.
The Band name is composed of: “North” because we live in the north, “Core” is an idea from Pulsedrivers “Trancecore” in the 90th and finally “Project” because we are two producers. From now on it was our target to produce House and other Dance styles.

We have produced and produce the songs in our studios in Goettingen and Hamburg. In our music sessions we want to find great sounds to produce good songs. In the last years we produced more than 50 tracks. And we will never stop. In the last years we acquire a lot of experience. We produced Trance, HandsUp, Hardstyle and finally House. From 2005 – 2010 we also had a lot of bookings for events e.g. Goliath (Schwerin), Vision Parade, Gmove (Hamburg), Reincanation Parade (Hanover), Airbeat One and a lot of clubs in north and west Germany. We also added our Music for Disco videos and Parades.
In 2010 we founded the North Core Productions for more possibilities to bring you the sound easy on your smartphone etc.
It is/was a great honor to see other people going crazy to our music. We always want to keep this in our mind. If you want to contact us, we are glad about messages per Facebook or E-Mail.

In 2015 the project Ausono was started for more commercial tunes.

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